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"As an artists particularly interested in the collections we develop over the course of our human lives, I ponder a lot about the reasons we keep these treasures only for them to be passed on or binned when we die. It is as if, in the keeping of any collection of objects, we are both expressing a memoir of our lives and acknowledging or mortality. The life we have /had is encapsulated in a series of often (but not exclusively) similar categories of objects.

When I began collecting hospital tags it was not an intentional act. They were kept not as trophies but as markers of change and development. The strength it took to get through some of these hospital visits is ble3nded with the strength that some of these hospital visits gave me. Mental health is mixed with physical health so that no hierarchy is present.  

My recent inability to get rid of these memoirs is a mere reflection of my unwillingness to let go of life. I want to learn more, see more and these are my markers of time passing." - Rachel Davy (2024)

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